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Who We Are

Established in 1998, D&V International is the premier importer of specialty beers from Belgium and Poland. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest levels of quality and professionalism in specialty beer distribution. The products from our breweries represent some of the major Belgian specialty beer styles. From authentic abbey ales, abbey-style ales, artisanal ales including wheat, blond, brown, triple, golden ale as well as Flemish red ale, and finally traditional Belgian Lambics.



Specialty Beer?

Traditional Beer Culture

Every beer lover can interpret and tell their own story on what traditional brewing means to them. One common trait that binds all true traditional brewers is their commitment to natural and historic processes.


Dedication to tradition is what brings out the unique character to these fine brews as they are brought to life. The use of spontaneous fermentation produces a dry, thoroughly tart, and naturally frothy brew only improving with age in the bottle.


For as many beer styles exist, theres almost as many breweries in Belgium. Famous for its ancient brewing methods, Belgium is the mecca of specialty beer styles.



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In this section you can find the latest additions to our portfolio. We are constantly updating our offerings with new products and flavors, as well as special and seasonal editions of those you may already know.

Perry Miloslawski

Perry, also referred to as pear cider, is a traditional Polish beverage made from fermented pear juice. The semi-sweet Perry Miloslawski has an...

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Komes Baltic Porter

Komes Porter is a full-bodied Polish Baltic porter with a substantial roasted malt character, offering a perfectly smooth, rounded finish. It has...

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Duchesse Cherry

Duchesse Cherry is a blend of 1 and 2 year-old Duchesse de Bourgogne aged in oak casks with local sour cherries added to the maturing beer. Savor...

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