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Brewery Kazematten - from Belgium

Kazematten Gift Set

The Kazematten Gift Set includes:

Wipers Times Blond x 2

A blonde, top-fermented specialty beer (6.2% alc. vol.). Wipers Times Blond is a splendid pairing between refreshing, zesty flavours and the opulent, sweet taste of fruit.


Wipers Times Dubbel x 1

A top-fermented, full-bodied brown ale (6.5% alc. vol.), brewed exclusively using local hops. Wipers Times Dubbel packs plenty of unbridled, generous aroma.


Wipers Times Tripel x 1

A fruity, full-bodied top- fermented beer (8.2% alc. vol.). Wipers Times Tripel smells of delicious ripe, sweet fruit, such as mango, apricot or banana.

Price CategorySpecialty, Import

Beer StyleMixed

Alcohol By Vol.Mix%



6 x 4 x 11.2 fl. oz. + 1 glass699176-585840 123ABC

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