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Berliner Weisse
BRLO - from Germany

BRLO Berliner Weisse

Our Berliner Weisse is served cold and neat – with no syrup, of course!  is refreshing sour beer is the perfect companion on a warm summer day. Even Napoleon appreciated this beer and called it “Champagne du Nord”. For real Berliners!

Price CategorySpecialty, Import

Beer StyleBerliner Weisse

Alcohol By Vol.4%



6 x 4 x 11.2 fl. oz. cans 699176-586137 123ABC

1 x 11.2 fl. oz. cans699176-586120 123ABC

1 x 11.2 fl. oz. 699176-585581 123ABC

4pk 11.2 fl. oz. 699176-585598 123ABC

6 x 4 x 11.2 fl. oz.699176-585604 123ABC

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